Features of Loop

Feature of LOOP

1. General system management

Customize landing pages
Set language: Vietnamese, English, Chinese

 2. User management

User Account Management
- Add, edit, delete, renew, enable or disable user accounts.
- Connect accounts to social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn,...
- Change password, personal information.
Manage user roles
The system allows the Administrator to manage control rights to each type of account.
The main roles on the system:
- Admin: System administrator
- Instructor: Instructor
- Learner: Student
Group management   

3. Manage categories

Create a directory tree according to the structure of the school such as Faculty, subject.
Edit and delete categories.


4. Course management

Set up and manage courses.
Student Assessments and Course Surveys.
Keep track of course status and Learning Progress.


5. Online Exam Management

Limit cheating in online exams, monitor exams with Face Recognition
Question bank helps create exam questions quickly

6. Collaboration Tool

 Collaborative writing tools
Real-time Conference Zoom tool
Discussion forum
Online chat tool     

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