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Warning about information security of educational websites

In the past few days, the whole country is buzzing about the biggest information theft case in Vietnam. It was on a hacker forum, member meli0das selling data of 30 million Vietnamese students and teachers. Each record includes username, email address, phone number, full name, grade, school, county/district/province/city, and creation date,...
With the above information, hackers can send messages containing malicious code to users' phones and personal computers, thereby stealing personal information and attacking bank accounts.
Although the authenticity of the above leak has not been verified, this shows the importance of information security.
Images of computers being hacked
Currently, millions of people are studying on various educational websites. At the same time, thousands of hackers want to attack data on those platforms. Not only do they steal personal information, but they can also take lessons, resources, and data on those sites to sell.
So protect your users' intellectual property and information with LOOP. e-Viet's LMS LOOP system with strong security features, face verification, and download restrictions,... will help you solve information security problems.
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Warning about information security of educational websites 

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