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Every year, Vietnam has more than 6,500 occupational accidents, which damage property and cause unfortunate loss of human life. To avoid such heartbreaking incidents, businesses need to have training courses on occupational safety for employees. And LMS LOOP can make this course more effective for two reasons:

1. Easy to reach

Since everyone has their own schedule, it's easy to get all the staff members together to take the training course together. At the same time, if your company has many branches and a large number of employees, finding a training location is also costly and time-consuming.
However, you can now put aside all these worries because an LMS like LOOP it allows your employees to easily attend training anytime, anywhere.
Training can be conducted with visual content in LOOP to keep your employees engaged throughout so that it is easier for them to skim and understand, ensuring that they absorb all the important information.

2. On-the-job training (OJT)

Training your employees on the fundamentals isn't enough, LOOP's on-the-job training (OJT) feature, gives your employees a chance to practice what they've learned, allowing them to become excellent in your workplace.
OJT conducts training tailored to your workplace, which helps them understand approved actions and safety expectations, helping to reduce the risk of future accidents. This is to ensure your workers are qualified before they start working independently. Here is a video to give you a better overview of how OJT will benefit you, check it out!


Safety training can save your employees' lives, so why wait until the unexpected happens? Let's start working together towards an accident-free workplace for everyone!

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