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Why are schools still afraid to use the E-learning system?

E-learning brings a lot of benefits that traditional education can hardly do. However, we still hesitate to apply E-learning in training. So what is the reason?
Here are a few key reasons:
First, the quality of training provided by E-learning is not high. In 2020 and 2021, under the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, we are forced to study online. However, the results we all see, the quality of learning is not guaranteed. So is this E-learning's fault? I think no, it's like when we write badly, we blame it on the pen and paper. E-learning is only a tool and teaching environment, while learners and teachers directly affect learning efficiency. In fact, international schools have successfully applied the online learning model. In Vietnam, many businesses have made great strides in E-Learning applications because of their effectiveness and quality. Imagine businesses that have branches in 10 provinces and need to train 20,000 employees. At this time, E-Learning has become an extremely effective option.
The second barrier is poor interaction between teachers and students: While learning online, it is difficult for students to interact face-to-face with instructors. However, with chat tools, online chat students can communicate with teachers almost anytime. Moreover, the online video conference tool also supports teaching and real-time interaction between teachers and students.
Interaction via television tools Understanding the need for interaction between teachers and students in the learning process, LOOP has integrated chat tools and television tools into the system to help connect teachers and learners better.
The third barrier is cost. Schools are concerned about the costs related to infrastructure when applying E-Learning. Initially, building an LMS system requires a relatively large investment. But on the other hand, when implementing online learning, the school can expand the school size without building more lecture halls. At the same time, it also saves on lighting, travel, printing, etc. It can be seen that in the long term, LMS is a potential investment. On the student side, nowadays, devices like smartphones and computers have become very popular with us. According to a survey by Statista, Vietnam has more than 61.37 million people, equivalent to 64% of the population owning smartphones, and is in the top 10 countries with the most smartphone users. In addition, these smart devices are getting cheaper and more convenient, so users can easily access them.
It can be seen that E-learning is making contributions to education innovation and modernization, but in Vietnam, the applications of E-Learning are still quite low. The main reason is probably that most of the leaders and lecturers are “traditional” teachers. They do not yet have digital skills and are also afraid to go out of their comfort zone. What is needed now is to help them have a profound experience with E-learning. With its outstanding advantages, E-Learning has been, is, and will become a revolutionary approach. The problem is no longer whether to use it or not, but how to apply it in the best and most effective way.
Why are schools still afraid to use the E-learning system? 

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